Adrianna Favero is a visionary young fashion photographer based in  New York City.  She creates breathtaking and intimate images and her work has graced the websites of elite designers and international publications.

In addition to her editorial work she works tirelessly with her clients to help properly communicate their desired visual message.  Adrianna is capable of handling all stages of the preproduction, shooting process, and postproduction of any project; in turn this also allows her to tailor the process entirely to her client’s needs.  She works with a talented team of stylists and can pull together a full crew for any project.  Adrianna has relationships with modeling agencies throughout the New York City and will gladly assist with the model hunt by contacting the bookers, scheduling castings, negotiating on your behalf and confirming the models.  She will work with you during the shoot day, as well as throughout the editing and retouching process to insure that she achieves the desired vision for the brand.

Please feel free to contact her for rates and booking information.

Contact Info:

Adrianna Favero Photography

www.adriannafavero.com | info@adriannafavero.com | 347.482.0674

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Behance | Instagram


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