Ivy and Aster Spring 2015 Runway

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a refreshing bridal line: beautifully designed and produced, delicate and detailed that spoke of wanderlust and not taking itself too seriously.  Meet Ivy and Aster.  Jessica Brown, spent years in bridal working with Anne Barge before striking out on her own.  I immediately called their offices to see if there was a chance that we could work together on any upcoming collections, they asked to follow up in the fall when they were ready to do their next round of shoots.  When I followed up the initial request wasn’t to move forward on the ad shoot but to start off with the runway photography.  The spring 2014 line was the first collection they had ever shown on the New York Bridal Market Runway, and it needed to be covered accordingly.  Having this as our first project together was actually a bit of blessing, I had an opportunity to work with Jessica and her team as well as the lovely ladies at Skirt PR.  The show was an immediate introduction to the collection itself as well as the brand ethos and sensibility.  From the accessories to the gift bags the team worked hard to invite attendees into the world of Ivy and Aster and ground the line in an emotional experience.  While I was there mainly to document the event it gave me valuable information about the best ways to move forward photographing the lookbooks/advertising images for the bridal and bridesmaid lines.  Since the show the line has gotten an incredible response from magazines across the country.  Make sure to keep an eye out because this is a name you’ll be hearing for quite a while.

Here are some of my favorite images from the show and backstage.

20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-4412 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-4466 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-4493 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-4617 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-4698 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-4722 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-5239 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-5386 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-541420141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-5587 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015Runway-5609


20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4162 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4178 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4180 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4183 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4187 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4213 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4216 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4230 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4245 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4298 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4317 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4345 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4364 20141012_IvyAndAster_Fall2015BTS-4365


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