Max Jeans Fall 2014 Lookbook

There are clients you work with every month, and there are clients who’s needs are a bit more sporadic. Sarah Hong with Max Jeans is one of those clients, I worked with her in the summer of 2013 to shoot her spring and holiday collections and mini lookbooks, but other than the occasional retouching request we hadn’t had a chance to collaborate again.  Fast forward to Augus of this year.  She had been on my mind, and I’d made a mental note to reach out to her when I heard her shouting my name over the usual din of traffic on 38th and 7th.  She had a new project coming up and was interested in bringing me on to produce a new shoot.  Over the next few weeks I had the pleasure of working with her and her incredible team which included the positive and impressively organized Katie Boyko as wardrobe stylist.  I called on some old friends/familiar names at this point/crack team to round out the rest of the creative team: Ananda Khan and Julianna Grogan on hair and makeup respectively.  Our two incredible models are Andrea Cronberg (who we had the priveledge to work with on the previous project) and Shelby Israel, both of Red Model Management.  Here are some of my favorite images from the Fall 2014 lookbook.20140903_MaxJeans-828820140903_MaxJeans-827820140903_MaxJeans-09120140903_MaxJeans-29520140903_MaxJeans-287 20140903_MaxJeans-28420140903_MaxJeans-254 20140903_MaxJeans-24820140903_MaxJeans-20120140903_MaxJeans-182 20140903_MaxJeans-17320140903_MaxJeans-11120140903_MaxJeans-10420140903_MaxJeans-06620140903_MaxJeans-059 20140903_MaxJeans-04620140903_MaxJeans-040


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