Motorcycle CEO’s for Downtown Magazine

LinkedIn is a beautiful thing, it really is.  I know it’s not as flashy as Facebook or Twitter, not quite as entertaining as instagram, but for work it offers something special, in-depth research and stalker material.  The thing that makes LinkedIn extra special is that it will tell you who’s been stopping by your page, gawking at the goodness, but maybe not quite ready to make the first move (not really sure how this turned into a description of late night dating site browsing, but the fact remains the same).  So then you come along a few hours later to find that an editor, or really anyone, from a magazine you’ve been a fan of for years spent enough time on your profile for the bots to inform you of this juicy piece of information.  So what next?  Well I’m an unabashed work stalker, so I picked up the phone, sincerely hoping that the person perusing my profile was someone in a position to hire me, rather than say the mailroom chief (not that I wouldn’t still be extremely flattered).

I have been picking up Downtown Magazine since it was founded in 2010, I always loved the use of the visuals and have enjoyed watching the magazine evolve.  When I called to follow up on the aforementioned notification I was thrilled to find that the person on the other end of the internet was the publication’s publisher and CEO, Grace Capobianco.  It turned out that she had been the one viewing my profile and the brief introduction turned into a meeting.  A few weeks later I sat down in person with Grace and Charlotte Rose Coleman, Fashion Editor and incredibly talented producer, to discuss the direction of the magazine and the possibility of collaborating on some upcoming features.

The fist project was a portrait series for a profile piece on three downtown CEOs who are all avid motorcyclists: James Mansfield (CEO of West Village GC), Chris Pennington (Enterprise Director at Google), and Eric Bonnetain (general manager of Cipriani). We shot the story in and around the historic South Street Seaport area of downtown, which was finally reopening after hurricane Sandy.  It may not look it in these images but it was pouring and incredibly windy, and most of the crew was soaked by the end of the day, myself included.  All these men were great sports despite the weather and seemed to be enjoying their modeling debut (and actively teasing one another about that behind the scenes).   For the full interviews stop by Downtown Magazine’s website or your local newsstand for the full page, high gloss goodness.

MotorcycleKings2scaler MotorcycleKings3scaler


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