Jordan Louis Fall 2014

In early February in the midst of one of the many snowstorms that graced/overwhelmed New York City, I was on set shooting the Jordan Louis New York Fall 2014 collection.  I had seen cad drawings of the collection and some initial sketches a few weeks earlier when we were beginning to plan the shoot, but they paled in comparison to seeing the collection in its entirety.  While Julianna Grogan, our lovely hair and makeup artist, began working with Ana, our lovely model, Kimberly, the mastermind behind the line, walked me through the collection and the styling notes as we recapped our plan for the flow of the day.

2014Portfolio59 copy

As with every project, the success of the end product is entirely determined by the quality of the individual parts, the talents of the group are a specific and tangible part of the quality of the resulting images, from an ability to excel at one’s craft to the ability to communicate productively in the face of time crunches, terrible weather, and general stress.  In this way I am thrilled to be working with absolute pros.  Ana was patient and funny, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo of her.  And Julianna approaches everything with a sense of humor and calm and has an uncanny ability to deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations and communication disconnects.

2014Portfolio58 copy

The creative paths that people take to the culmination of an idea, be it the decision to start a project outside of their specific area of expertise or the cultural influences that inspire artists of all kinds to create something new as a way of exploring and understanding disparate ideas and elements, has always fascinated me.  It is never just about the end product, it is about the process as therein lies the evolution of the art and the artist.  A prime example of this is they recent shoot for the Jordan Louis New York Fall 2014 Lookbook.  In this collection she was heavily influenced by military clothing and the traditional garments worn by hassidic men.  At face value these two realms seem fairly incompatible but the result was an elegantly tailored collection of versatile and eclectic pieces that managed to be at times both minimalistic and luxurious.

2014Portfolio57 copy

Working with Kimberly and Brian, of Brian Cahill PR, has been more than a quest for beautiful images to support stunning clothing.  It has given me the opportunity to be part of the evolution of a brand. The vision behind Jordan Louis is as much Kimberly’s adaptation of the inspirations that influence and surround her as it is quest for beauty and elevated craftsmanship. The exciting part for me is that working with her to photograph her line we seem to get closer and closer to the creative and emotional core of the brand with each collection. It is wonderful to be trusted with something that important both personally and professionally.

And so without further ado here are some of my favorite images from the Fall 2014 Lookbook.  I hope you enjoy!

2014Portfolio61 copy


20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1573 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-184420140203_JordanLouisFall2014-075820140203_JordanLouisFall2014-177320140203_JordanLouisFall2014-099320140203_JordanLouisFall2014-102020140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1752

20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1054 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-110820140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1208
20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-122520140203_JordanLouisFall2014-125320140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1147 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1291 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1398 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1442 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1521 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1587 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1608 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1634 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1663 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1902 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-1925 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-2016 20140203_JordanLouisFall2014-2023


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