Jordan Louis Pre Fall 2014 Lookbook

Passion is infectious.  Working with passionate people makes you better, at least it makes me better.  It makes me want to do and give everything that I can to help them be successful.  All that motivation then gets funneled into the work and elevates the talents and results of the entire team.

Back in December I worked with Jordan Louis New York and Brian Cahill (the public relations team) to photograph the Pre Fall 2014 Lookbook.  I had worked with the line a few months earlier in August on the Spring 2014 shoot and I was thrilled to hear that they were interested in continuing to collaborate.  When we shot the line in August we were focused on creating images that showcased the collection in a more accessible and approachable way, we wanted to give people the opportunity to get to know the line.  The Pre Fall collection was more about beginning to form a stronger visual identity for the line, and laying the groundwork for the visual branding moving forward.  We were looking for something a little more editorial, we wanted to use movement and to show the line coming to life through use rather than focus on static poses and limited camera movement.

As always I need to say thank you to the crew on this shoot, because none of these projects would exist without them.  For this project we worked with the ever talented and patient, Ananda Khan as our hair and makeup artist.  She was able to take the client’s inspiration and adapt it in a way that complimented the project perfectly, while being a fantastic presence on set.  Our model was the lovely Lena Lomako from The Lions New York.  Lena was a pleasure to work with, in addition to being sweet, gracious, and smart, she was inventive and came up with these really beautiful moments throughout the entire day.  She was always trying new things and took direction well.  I look forward to the chance to work with her again in the future

Here are some of my favorite images from this project.  Please take a moment to check out her work, you won’t be disappointed.

20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7614 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7640 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7704 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7718 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7725 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7878 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-7913 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8013 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8048 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8052 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8099 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8137 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8152 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8243 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8288 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8318 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8347 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8441 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8490 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8493 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8539 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8625 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8673 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8718 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8773 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8781 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-8845 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-9021 20131204_JordanLouisPrefall14-9051


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