Max jeans holiday 2013

Below is the full lookbook for the Max Jeans Holiday collection that I photographed this summer.  This is certainly a project that I am excited to finally be able to share, but more than that it is an opportunity to share a lesson born from some serious introspection that has fueled the last several months of my life.

I find that the longer I sit with a set of images, especially my own, they shift and evolve for me.  The images, both together and separately, often begin to take on different meanings; I see different things: growth, a turning point, and I am almost always reminded of the experience of capturing it.  Eventually the shot sitting in front of me isn’t just an image of a pretty girl wearing a pair of jeans, but a moment and a building block in my evolution as a photographer.

Call it a heightened self awareness that I’m acquiring with age, but it’s something that I’ve begun to pay more and more attention to recently.  I’ve begun analyzing each project from end to end, picking apart my approach to and execution of the preproduction, my customer service/client relations, and my ability to direct and capture a photograph, in addition to the finished product itself, searching for moments of success and failure that I can learn from and use to grow as a photographer and a businesswoman.  This actually changes the way I feel about many of my images in several ways.  In relation to this particular project I’m not saying that these are the best images I’ve shot all year, but rather that this was a huge and immensely valuable learning experience.  It also happened to yielded images that I am proud to claim and now share.  Next time you look through your old work, try looking at the lessons more than the end result, you might walk away with something surprising and a new foundation to build upon.

And without further ado here are the images.

Photography: Adrianna Favero
Hair: Ananda Khan
Makeup: Andrew Colvin
Models: Andrea (RED) and Anna (Major)
Photo Assistant: Antonio Rodriguez


20130612_MaxStudio_Holiday-7web 20130612_MaxStudio_Holiday-6web 20130612_MaxStudio_Holiday-5web 20130612_MaxStudio_Holiday-4web


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