Max Jeans Behind the Scenes

The major theme of 2013 for me has been the importance of relationships.  As a freelancer and small business owner relationships are everything, their importance cannot in any way be underestimated. The opportunity for this project was because of one such relationship. Two years ago I photographed the Charley 5.0 lookbook. It was a fun project with a talented and dedicated team. The client loved the images and about 5 months later we began discussing a new denim project.  Just as we were ready to get the ball rolling on preproduction the company underwent some serious restructuring and the project was unfortunately shelved, for what at the time seemed indefinitely.

Fast forward a year.  This summer while on set shooting for Brooke Tassoul I received a call out of the blue from that same client about a project identical to the stillborn denim lookbook.  It turned out that the company was currently under new management and that they were now working with a different denim line, but their needs remained the same.  They were promoting a newly licenced line, Max Denim, and were looking to book a shoot.  They loved the vision that I brought from the previous project and wanted to apply those ideas to the new project. We met a few days later and after a whirlwind meeting, ironed out the details and got the production started immediately.

Because of the schedule of their production and plans to launch a new site for the line we decided to shoot two mini look books and the corresponding product in one half day.  Five hours for two look books, three lighting/background changes, two hair and makeup changes, a banana tree, and a full set of product images. The only way this was going to work was with a meticulously planned and scheduled shoot.  As you can imagine there was no time to move leisurely throughout the day, and I needed a team that could handle the demands of the project. That team was of course the endlessly talented, miraculously calm, and ever capable Ananda Khan (hair), Andrew Colvin (makeup), and Antonio Rodriguez (photo assistant). Teamwork is the unspoken element behind so many projects, there is rarely a hero of any particular shoot, success is based on each member of the crew performing at their respective best in conjunction with everyone else. Great results/images/project (happy clients) come from collaboration. Our models for this shoot were two lovely blondes, Anna Besedina from Major and Andrea from RED. They were sweet, talented, energetic and consummate professionals.


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