Sometimes you gotta get away

Being goal oriented and always working towards a goal is a valuable trait, but there are times when taking a step back is the best thing for you. For me taking a step back almost always includes my camera, I tend to process things emotionally through photography. I’m not always shooting the subjects that are challenging me in my personal life, but wandering around with my camera, shooting, exploring, thinking, stepping away from myself, has always been an important part of how I deal with issues and challenges in my life.

Over Thanksgiving I went home to Northern California to see my family and spend time with my Dad. Dad and I have a long history of jumping in the car and running off to explore. We used to say we were going on an adventure; everything from picking up groceries and brunch on Saturdays to the week long road trips across the state were adventures. So when I asked to visit Fort Point and Half Moon Bay in the fog, it made perfect sense, so we jumped in the car for some ocean therapy.

I’ve been blessedly busy this year which is wonderful, but lately I’d been feeling a little hemmed in and I needed a break from all the changes that I was facing this fall. Walking over tide pools and climbing the bases of cliffs on cold fogged in beaches was exactly what I needed. The chance to visit the places that fascinated me as a child and continue to captivate me as an adult was immensely cathartic and inspiring. I needed to get away from my life and walk along on the opposite edge of the continent to look at things differently and hopefully get a little clarity and a shift in my perspective.

So before I get too deep into my cryptic waxing poetic, the point is stop banging your head against the wall. Put your shoes on grab a camera, a notebook and some tunes and go for a walk, you never know where you’ll end up and chances are it’ll help with whatever your struggling with.

There. Therapy session over. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my wandering.




















One thought on “Sometimes you gotta get away

  1. Adrianna,

    Thanks for this posting. I was extremely touched by your description of our “adventures”.

    Those were two good days. The photographs really brought those days back.


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