Sanivel Menswear Lookbook

I told you the story of the Sanivel menswear shoot in a previous post.  Now I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite images from this shoot.

Photographer:  Adrianna Favero

Model: Oliver Grubelic (Major Models)

Hair and Makeup: Julianna Grogan

First Assistant: Antonio Rodriguez

Second Assistant: Rena Rong

1380059_476039372494505_1053320399_n 1375015_476039305827845_2108294377_n 1379737_476039569161152_1277595288_n 988276_476039499161159_1849952425_n 551302_476039289161180_544396668_n 559810_476039392494503_1680899888_n 579083_476039432494499_689030732_n 1379652_476039355827840_1903001305_n 1376548_476039465827829_188278084_n 1378740_476039342494508_1989949050_n 1240510_476039449161164_942808638_n 537242_476039489161160_331606560_n 45493_476039415827834_723631073_n


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