Label by Five 12 Fall 2013

Sometimes the key is to keep things simple.  Especially when you’re in a situation where the moving parts come without reigns.  Back in September I was contacted to work on the Label by Five Twelve Fall 2013 Preview for Nordstrom’s.  The point was to inspire the retailer to give more support to the line and usher their inclusion into their brick and mortar stores.  I was brought in fairly late in the planning process and after a quick conference about the logistics and the timeframe with the rest of the creative team, we decided that a studio shoot was the best plan for this particular project.  We wanted to make sure that the focus was entirely on the designs rather than risk missing the mark by trying to do too many things at once.

label fall 13 0015 unsaturated

When trying to keep things simple, a project is stripped down to its most basic parts, meaning that those parts had better be on point.  The parts in this particular case were our model, Julie Grav (Muse Model Management); our makeup artist, Julianna Grogan; and the creative director, Sara Dobrinski.  Julie is a fantastic model who in addition to being an absolute doll, and was also more than capable of carrying the shoot with her energy, enthusiasm, and stunning looks.  Julianna Grogan joined our team and graced us with her humor and talent and her ability to descipher the needs and hopes, and sometimes confused creative direction of outside sources and always deliver what we didn’t quite know what we needed/wanted.  Sara is part of a team of dedicated designers whose talent are what make Label by Five Twelve such a success.  her dedication and understanding of the line make her a fantastic creative director as she has an intimate understanding of the line’s evolving visual identity, the company’s goals and her needs from the images to insure that the shoot is strategically successful for the line.  This attention and focus makes my job easier when we are all working towards a common goal that we can all recognize and strive towards.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite images from the project.

Photographer: Adrianna Favero

Hair/Makeup: Julianna Grogan

Model: Julie Grav (Muse Model Management)

Assistant: Rena Rong

Creative Direction and Retouching: Sara Dobrinski

label fall 13 0012 unsaturatedlabel fall 13 0001 unsaturatedlabel fall 13 0006 unsaturated


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