The Vanity Project

There are times when the stars align and realationships come to fruition and there you are at the right place and the right time to get a project referral. That happened to me a couple of months ago when Maggie Geha, an incredibly talented model and generally wonderful person whom I had the pleasure to work with earlier this year, facebooked me one afternoon to see if i was interested in taking on a new project for a slightly unusual client. During Nolcha fashion week she had modeled for a small company called The Vanity Project. The aim of The Vanity Project, headed by the energetic and generous Omri Bojko, is to raise awareness for national and international non-profits and charities that are trying to make headway addressing a variety of social issues ranging from child homelessness, cancer, promoting math and science, empowering young girls, and advocating for sexual health, to name just a few. They achieve these lofty goals by partnering with the organizations and then reworking the graphic design of their respective logos and producing incredibly comfortable shirts, hoodies, and sweaters bearing the revised logos. Half of the profits for every single piece of clothing is then donated directly to the specific charity represented.  As of today Omri and his team are now partnered with roughly 30 charities and counting.

20130620-235134.jpgOmri started out on Wall Street and after walking away from his job as a day trader he wanted to find an opportunity to give back. The name The Vanity Project was based on a moment of inspiration where one person’s vanity could be used to promote and facilitate change and support a charitable cause.  Working with Omri and his team was so inspiring and exciting. This is a small boot strapped company that fully appreciates the importance of social media and during our initial planning meetings we were actively aware of how to create and leverage the images created to promote the line, the company as a whole, as well as the the charities themselves.


My wonderful models for this project were Maggie Geha and Jonathatn (RED Model Management). As you can see the shoot was kind of a riot, with the two of them bouncing off one another (sometimes literally) all day.  And while it was definitely a long full day it we also a joy to shoot. Working with good people really makes all the difference in the world .









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