Brand New Nancy for Kenton Magazine

So I kinda have a thing for Lana del Rey.  Not in a girl crush kind of way but more in an art direction/historical visual consciousness/socio-visual nerd kind of way.  I love the music, I love the art direction and the way that she comments on the traditional image of women in american society and then turns all of it on its head. I love that ladylike behavior and feminine attitudes can stop at the hemlines.


It was this fascination that inspired this shoot. I wanted to put together a feminine and 60’s inspired shoot showcasing this spring’s collections that centered on feminine and borderline demure cuts in a modern and sensual way. I called on the creative curatorial genius of Courtney Ann (DG Reps) to bring this project to life, and after giving me that initial half amused smile at my excited but semi incoherent rambling (she was there for the initial development of the idea, which are entertaining but not always my most articulate moments). As soon as I had completed said rambling she paused and said, “oh I’ve got just the thing.” The thing ended up being three garment bags of translucent shift dresses and shutter pleat trousers, body conscious pencil skirts, and a plethora of pieces that were lovely and demure and on the hanger barely intimated their inherent sex appeal. And just like that my go-to fashion forward, tom-boy stylist supplied me with the exact brand of modern femininity that is designed to thrill.


I was lucky enough to work with two talented and sweet models from The Lions New York.  Kate and Kesnia have two very different looks and sensibilities that at first posed a considerable challenge, but as the shoot progressed ended up being more of a benefit than I had originally realized.  Their looks combined with the experience that each brought to the shoot managed to be an unexpected benefit as they were able to complement one another and balance the shoot.


For hair and makeup I had the pleasure of working with Samantha Lau on makeup and Zarelle on hair.  They did a wonderful job working with my creative direction and the challenges of this shoot.



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