Just a Taste Lingerie Editorial for Revista Exclama

Revista Exclama was the first international publication to ever feature one of my fashion editorials in their online publication.  I was overwhelmed and so proud to be recognized; more than anything else it was wonderful to know that someone outside my immediate circle of friends, family, and colleagues appreciated my work and believed in my potential.  Last fall when I was compiling and organizing several editorial ideas I reached out to the editor again about a lingerie editorial, the resulting product of that collaboration is the story you’ll find below, which was printed in the most recent print edition.

As usual I’d like to thank my incredible team who helped keep me sane, as I was shooting this story in the middle of the busiest couple of weeks of retouching that I have ever had.

Photographer: Adrianna Favero Photography

Wardrobe Stylist: Diana Iris Baltazar

Hair and Makeup: Andrew Colvin

Model: Nina Danielle

Revista EXCLAMA ED. No.19-SP2SCLRevista EXCLAMA ED. No.19-SP3SCLRevista EXCLAMA ED. No.19-SP4SCL

As many of you know I have some attachment issues when it comes to editing my own images, and so here are some outtakes that I couldn’t bear to bury in the depths of my external hard-drives and thought earned at least a little honorable mention.

20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-2220130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-15 20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-12 20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-6 20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-6920130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-5620130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-44 20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-43-Recoveredb20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-38-Recovered20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-28 20130211_RevistaExclama_JustATaste-25

And because I am unabashed in my love for instagram here are just a few more, because I can’t help myself…



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