XRay Jeans Fall 2013 Lookbook Outtakes

Earlier this year I worked on a two day e-commerce and branding shoot for XRay Jeans, a New York based mens/casual wear company.  The goal was to shoot for the lookbook, website and ecommerce.  One aspect to the shoot that I really appreciated was that during the project’s planning stages the client brought in the printer, the graphic designer, and myself as the photographer, to all meet to discuss the specifics of the project and the schedule with one another before any of us had even started.  This is something that I have never encountered before but that proved incredibly helpful.  Rather than forcing the client to act as a go between I was able to deal directly with my colleagues and I think we were able to ward off a lot of serious issues because of that meeting and being able to communicate throughout the length of the project.

Over the course of the shoot I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Colvin as our hair stylist/makeup artist, and Brittany Powell, wardrobe stylist, as well as Arthur, Katherine, Edris and Caesar all of Red Model Management.    Here are some of the outtakes from the branding shoot day with Arthur and Katherine.



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