Please mind the appearance, again

So it’s been a year… A full year since I’ve set aside time to think about working on this blog.  At the time I was saying I’d rather be creating than just talking about it, but that’s just an excuse and not a great one at that.  In fact I was shy about sharing myself and put my focus into other parts of the business.

And so now, with another challenging and rewarding year behind me, I return to the blog. One of the big lessons of 2012 was that growth and success don’t just come from working more or working harder, but from working smarter. The other lasting lesson is that isolation never helped anyone. These insights inspired me to return with a revised purpose. This blog will be a place not only to share my work and the fantastic talents if my teams, clients, and fellow collaborators; but also will serve as a resource for inspiration, industry insight, guidance, and tools. The plethora of social media guides floating across the internet all claim that I should position myself as an expert, and while this is not my first rodeo, I am not a twenty year veteran of the industry, I am not at the top of the field, at least not yet. I want to share the resources and lessons that are helping me to grow and succeed as a photographer and businesswoman in the hopes that they can help others as well.

This is not the view from the top. This is the view from the way up.


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