Charley 5.0 Lookbook

I was first introduced to Charley 5.0 towards the beginning of the year, I had seen some of their past collection and I was always interested in the chance to work with them.  Towards the end of the summer as we were approaching lookbook season I gave them another call.  They asked to see my work and before I knew it we were planning the shoot.  The plan was to shoot on location at the Jersey Shore, the weekend after the hurricane.  While the hurricane didn’t have much of an effect on New York City, Jersey was a different matter, and there was some worry that the beach house where we were shooting could have suffered serious damage or the beach could have washed away, so for that weekend there was some serious worry about what the week would bring.

Luckily there was no lasting damage and at 6am we left Time Square and by 7 I had my feet in the Atlantic, “scouting” the area.  Shooting on the beach the Thursday before a holiday weekend provided some interesting challenges, not the least of which was yet another awesome sunburn.  But at the end of the day I am proud of the work I did and the fantastic crew that I had the pleasure to work with.

Here are the images that were chosen for the Spring 2012 Lookbook.  Thank you again to the amazing crew:

Hair/Makeup: Allison Huntington Chase

Model: Oxana (Major)

Photo Assistant: Raul Coto-Batres


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