Timo Weiland Editorial now live on modaCYCLE.com

My first experience with Timo Weiland was when I was assigned to shoot their first spring collection, allmost two years ago ow.  I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the designs and prints.  Since that first show I’ve been an admirer of the line and and have enjoyed watching its progression.  Earlier this year I was assigned to cover their Fall 2011 presentation at Lincoln Center and was blown away by the maturity of the collection.   This was, in my opinion, a huge step forward for the line in terms of the sophistication, romance, and luxury of the designs.  I attended the show with Seth Friedermann, my managing editor, and we turned to each other almost simultaneously with the desire to do something more, some sort of photo editorial or designer feature showcasing this new collection.

A few months later we both got our wish.  This shoot went through several different manefestations as concepts were proposed, reveiwed, tossed out, edited, re-proposed, etc., until we found something that was the right fit.  The conceptual groundwork for this shoot was to show how we live in a world of restraint even though what we crave is the freedom to indulge in wild abandon.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite images from this project.  Thank you to the fantastic crew that were part of this shoot.  Please make sure to check out Seth’s article along with the full editorial on modacycle.com.

Hair/Makeup: Claire Marshall

Styling: Seth Friedermann

Models: Jordan Ross (Commence Quest) and Jill Chiu (Request)


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