Behind the Scenes of the Zoe Twitt Designer Dossier

Here is a quick “behind the scenes” look at the creation of the Zoe Twitt Designer Dossier at Williamsburg’s Cafe Colette.  

David Gullino, our hair stylist, and Zoe Twitt, the designer, bonding over Australia.

At one point Zoe decided that she wanted to have images of Claire eating candy and icecream.  So she sent her assistant off searching for supplies.  She returned 15 minutes later and unloaded a mound of candy and gum on the table in front of Claire and her eye’s lit up like a little girl and she mouthed “ooooooo Candy!!”  and in the back of my mind I was thinking “ooooooo, her booker’s gonna kill me.”

The reason for the close quarters is that I realized during the middle of this look that I could see everyone in the mirror behind the model, so rather than going back to the lunch table, instead they all piled on top of one another. Their choice.

I will do whatever I need to to get the right shot.  Even if it means crawling on the floor and contorting myself around immovable bar stools.  Combine with that the fact that I’m a little over 6′ tall and it makes for an interesting scene, and comedy for anyone watching.  This is old news to David Gulino, my amazing hair stylist, who has watched me hang off cliffs and be held up on rocks to get the right shot.  That doesn’t mean that he ever really stops looking at me like I’m crazy.


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