Dream To Seam Pilot: Ralph Rucci

One of the many projects that I have been lucky enough to be involved with in my work with modaCYCLE.com is Dream to Seam. The idea behind it is a simple one: film an intelligent and engaging interview with the best fashion designers working today.  The idea was that we would give the designers an open forum in which to honestly discuss their work and process.


After several months of formulating, planning, pitching, and coordinating we shot the pilot episode with Ralph Rucci in his SoHo showroom. We knew going into this shoot that this project that it had huge potential, and that the interview would be fantastic.  We had no idea quite what we were walking into. Once all the preparations were completed and the lighting and cameras were set, Ralph Rucci and Seth Friedermann (our host and modaCYCLE managing editor) took their places, and the interview began the world seemed to come to a screetching halt for an hour. The entire crew stood transfixed, listening to Mr. Rucci tell his stories and describe his struggles and successes and his method, it was though we were afraid that any sudden movement or the creaking of floorboards might destroy the moment and shatter the honesty, candor and access with which we had so briefly been blessed. It was almost like church, it was awe-inspiring and empowering and humbling all at once. It makes no difference that we work in completely different mediums, he spoke of being a creative person and was supportive and encouraging and it was a remarkable hour of motivation, validation, and encouragement.

This is the recently released preview for this first episode.  The full episode should be published on www.modacycle.com in the coming weeks.  Enjoy.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hrd2gp7ZTwI%2Em4v%5D


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