Reem Acra Builds a Wonderland

I have to confess that as a little girl I was absorbed in a world of make believe where everything was possible and beautiful, and while never being excessively girly, I was always a big fan of princesses.  Then you grow up, things happen, life goes on, and that world of make-believe is no longer as all encompassing as it once was.  However, with my photography I have what is basically a culturally accepted excuse to frolic in my very own world of imagination, although things have changed a bit since I was a little girl.

Walking into the Reem Acra showroom the morning of her presentation was like becomming a little girl again.  I found myself surrounded by some of the most beautiful gowns and the most exquisit craftmanship I had ever seen.  She brought some of her world of rapturous imagination back for the rest of us in the form of this new collection.  And I for one am incredibly grateful for that gift.  I show my appreciation in imgaes.  Enjoy….


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