Zoe Twitt Spring 2011 presentation now live on modacycle.com

Before Fashion Week each season I tend to research the different designers that I either have been assigned to cover.  Walking into Zoe Twitt was nothing like what I had expected.  From what I had seen in my research it seemed as though her line had developed and matured, taking on new life with the subtle finishing touches.  Her pieces are stunning, feminine, and at times refreshingly playful.  The full review of her Spring 2011 Presentation by Seth Friedermann can be found on modaCYCLE.com.

Having arrived early to cover the final preparations for the show, my first encounter with Zoe was priceless.  The small, blue room being used as the “backstage” was awash with light.  Kayla, a hairstylist I have worked with several times before ,was attempting to style Zoe’s hair as Zoe was walking across the room and adjusting the models, approving each girl as she finished dressing.

Another interesting thing about this presentation was that the location, Gallery 138, was showcasing the work of  Rivka Shifman Katvan.  The work was a series of large prints of shop windows and the worlds they reflect.  The pieces were absolutely captivating with her use of light and form and composition.  I strongly suggest that anyone interested in photography take a moment to review her work, as she is incredibly talented and her work is inspiring.

And then of course came the point when they guy dressed up in a couple of pieces from her collection and proceeded to get up and “model,” or something, with the professionals.  Priceless…


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