Alejandro Ingelmo Now Live on

There are certain undeniable facts about the world of fashion and one of those facts is that Alejandro Ingelmo makes some of the most beautiful shoes that I have ever seen. They are pieces of art. They are not always particularly extravagant, but he has somehow discovered the ideal proportions that transform a simple stiletto into the sexiest piece of clothing I may have ever seen. His designs stir something inside the viewer somewhere between awe, fascination, and lust. Needless to say I want most of his spring line.

Let it also be known that I despise photographing still life. Β I respect those who have the talent and the patience, however I am not one of those individuals. However, his shoot was a totally different story because of the strength of his design and and the fantasy that his pieces inspire.

I had the pleasure of photographing his line for and here are some of my favorite images from the shoot. Β Please check out for the full article and other fashion week coverage.


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