Bespoken Fall 2010

As everyone now knows last season’s fashion week was in many ways a comedy of errors.  The foundation of that comedy was based on a series of snowstorms that almost threatened to shut the city down, and at the very least made traversing the city a treacherous affair.  Many parts of the city were left to fend for themselves during the blizzards and one of those is the West Side.  Walking to the Bespoken show required trudging through knee-deep snow drifts and ice, with the presentation space offering a welcome retreat from the weather.

Once inside I was greeted to the frenetic hustle of final preparations and finishing touches.  Something that made this particular presentation stand out for me was the fashion film of the line that was being projected on the walls.  It can be viewed in full on the Bespoken homepage.

One of the things that always pleasantly surprises me about fashion week is the variety of people you meet and the intermingling connections that are formed and discovered.  For example the photographer who shot the Bespoken lookbook at the presentation also happened to be a Ohio University Alum and had several of my former professors at the beginning of their careers.  Photography and fashion may not be the smallest worlds, but they are some of the most interconnected.

Here are some of my images from the presentation as well as backstage and during the lookbook lineup.  Please check out for all the spring shows that will take the runway in just a few weeks.


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