Commonwealth Utilities

Commonwealth Utilities’ Fall 2010 Runway presentation may have been the coldest fashion show that I have ever attended. The show was held in an abandoned hotel lobby, which did give the show considerable ambiance. However it would have probably been more comfortable in September, or you know any week of the year that didn’t feature three massive, back to back blizzards that left parts of the city practically unnavigable and made smart fashionistos dawn full-scale military garb. The other photographers and I were huddling together on the tiny press riser to conserve heat. And it was fascinating watching how the PR girls herded the attendees into cordoned off pens to keep them both orderly and away from the precious space heaters that they were reserving for themselves.

The following are some of my favorite images from the show including behind the scenes shots as well. For the full story and article please check out And while you’re there please take some time to explore several other stories from the past fashion week as well as full coverage of all the upcoming shows in just a few weeks in London, Milan, New York and Paris.


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