Cowgirl Heaven Lookbook Day 1

Let it be said for the record that I love location shoots. This past weekend I photographed the new Cowgirl Heaven lookbook for, at the Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, Long Island.

Westbury House was commissioned by John Shaffer Phipps and built by George Crawley at the beginning of the 20th Century as a residence for his family.  The Phipps family was connected to Carnegie Steel and the Grace Shipping Line.  Today the house and gardens are open to the public for tours and events, as well as general enjoyment of the grounds. And it truly is a stunning location.

Cowgirl Heaven is the brainchild of California based, emerging designer, Houstina Summers-Wellington.  Her designs pursue classic themes and are distinctly feminine.  These designs feature captivating details that take you into a different time, these playful and sexy creations seem the stuff of fantasy. is a retail hub that showcases emerging designers.  Please take a look at her site as Mallory has done a great job developing the line up of featured designers.  I look forward to watching this site grow and spotting the new talent that she plans to include.

As with every successful shoot only so much credit can be given to the photographer or producer. The success of any shoot rests on the sum of it’s parts, each member of the team is vital to the final result. So let’s meet the team:

Jayda Audrick, stylist – Jayda came to new York from cleveland Ohio and we began working together last summer on various projects that i produced for the KMR Group and Kevin Michael Reed. The thing that I always appreciate about Jayda is that I never need to worry about anthing regarding her pulls or asthetic, I can place a project in her capable hands and she always suprises me on the day of the shoot by going above and beyond to make the concept work and the shoot a success.

Reginald Drummer is an agency represented hair stylist and was our saviour after another hair stylist bailed the afternoon before the shoot.  Reggie is a true artist who manages to develop beautiful and etherial creations seemingly effortlessly.  There were times when I would turn my back for a moment and all of the sudden the hair had transformed into something i couldn’t even have explained that i wanted, but it was somehow always the exact match for the look.  He is truly a magic man.

Daria Wright joined the crew as the makeup artist.  She was calm and relaxed and was able to take my inarticulate jumble of thoughts and inspirations and give me something flawless every time.  I look forward to all of the retouching that I won’t need to do this coming weekend.

Our model was the wonderful Whitney Heleker from Models International, she also is the recent winner of the agency’s New Model Challenge.  She is sweet and smart.  She was able to work with my sometimes strange directions and was always positive about the team’s different ideas.  She is a joy to work with and I’m sure she’ll be a success at whatever she aims for.


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