World Cup Fever

I have to admit that I am a bit of a closet soccer/football fan, after living above a hardcore Romaniata pizza bar in Trastevere almost four years ago. But more than that I love sports and international competitions it brings people together and encourages people to look a little farther than their daily lives and learn something new.

As a photographer a huge part of my job is not just paying attention to the world around me but to learn from it in every way that I can in order to become a better photographer and storyteller.

So, in honor of the world cup I’m posing a review of all things photographically creative and beautiful based on the round and who plays on any given day.

The rules: Each round will act as a different category and the nations whose teams compete on any particular day will be showcased here in one way or another.

Group Stage: Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Publications

Second Round: Fashion Photographers

Quarter Finals: Beauty photographers

Semifinals: filmmakers

Third Place: Documentary Photographers

Final: Your Choice, let me know your thoughts!

Note: since I’m running this, these articles will be extremely subjective, so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to who is more deserving of a spot in this list, by all means comment and let me know!  The point is to discover new things and to be inspired, so please share.

The review officially begins tomorrow.


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