Dimension Magazine

A little over a month ago I put together a beauty shoot with a new crew for a model test. It was an interesting experience as none of us has ever worked together before. The purpose of the test was a beauty story showcasing the design of an emerging jewelry label called FancySexyMe.

Yesterday this editorial was published by Dimension Magazine, a new online fashion publication.  This is my first published editorial and I am trilled to have been considered and included.  There are several extremely talented photographers featured on their site and I am flattered to be listed in their company.

FancySexyMe is the brain child of Cynthia and Ronnie, a Brooklyn based couple who found in one another not only a partner in life but also in business.  They took their combine experience in fashion and jewelry design and started their own collection of edgy and innovative designs that incorporate traditional motifs with industrial and punk influences.

The model, Sara Ann jones from Fenton Moon, was fantastic. She was incredibly versatile and seemed to immediately understand exactly what I needed for each look.

David Gulino is an incredible hair stylist whose approaches styling as an art form, the only difference between him and an architect is the medium.  He was an incredibly valuable member of the team not only for his talent but also his ability to put everyone at ease.  He brings the element of play to every project and in doing so reminds us all why we got into the business to begin with.

Shaun Thomas Gibson is a perfectionist, for which I thank him.  He is the kind of makeup artist that every retoucher dreams of, because his work is precise  and flawless.  His ability to build of my, at times, esoteric and inarticulately related ideas and inspirations was refreshing.

The real joy of this shoot, other than the images that we created, wasn’t just the team that emerged.  Rather it was that it all felt like play.  Our purpose was simple and pure, to do what we love and create something beautiful.


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